Dec 18, 2019

Surviving Holiday Hosting Tips and Tricks

The holidays are here and somehow you’ve been roped into holiday hosting? We’ve got you covered.

Before you attempt to throw the party of the season, sketch it out on paper: whom you’re inviting (keep is small), what you’re making (cook everything ahead), the kinds of wine (do an assortment of white and red for your guests preferences), flowers, etc. Then put together a timeline for the week before. The hour prior to the party should be reserved for last-minute details like lighting candles, putting out ice, and reheating appetizers. Do not use that final hour for major cooking or cleaning. And most importantly, make sure to schedule ample enough time for yourself to get ready.

Here are some quick ideas for hosting an easy breezy holiday soiree.

Photo Credit: Kushagra Kevat

We are loving Candy Pop and their remix on candy lovers favorites by mixing up popcorn with Twix and Butterfinger candies. If you want to serve a sweet tooth without over doing it we can’t suggest these popcorn mixes enough. Grab your self a bag of their popcorn and Twix or popcorn and Butterfinger for your passed apps at your dinner. We can across the fun idea of putting them in champagne flutes. Not only will your guests get the perfect handful amount, since the popcorn are in a champagne flute, you also get a very decorative serving option.

O’Dang Hummus makes salad dressings out of hummus we are also huge fans of. With all of the decadent and high calorie options throughout the holidays it is very nice to give guests a tasty but less unhealthy dining option. We love all the flavors, and you can toss their caesar in a salad sure…or…you can be creative. Because the dressings are made out of hummus they are a tad thicker than your run of the mill dressings. You can also set out our favorite flavors as the perfect dip to accompany your crudite platter. With minimal prep time and zero cook time, this seems like a hosting no brainer.

If you are having kids over, try to set up an activity center for them, depending on their ages. We love Costco for bulk supplies and they have the best Gingerbread House kits ever! You can purchase a few Gingerbread House making kits (pro-tip always get extra icing) cover the area with table cloths you can either dispose of or easily wash, and give the kids free reign. The activity should keep them busy, and their parents will thank you for it.

It just isn’t a holiday party without all your favorite Christmas movies playing, or the best playlist. You can leave it up to Spotify to choose your favorites in the music department, or be reasonable and kick it off with Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You“, then maybe a little Marilyn Monroe for “Santa Baby” and all the best classics like “Rockin Around The Christmas Tree”, “Last Christmas”, “White Christmas”, “Feliz Navidad” and more. We would suggest throwing Love Actually on in the background as your guests mingle, but if you are hosting with children put on the original animated How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Image Credit: Jon Boulton

You absolutely need to know about Jingle Juice. You can find the recipe HERE.

Image Credit: Sugar and Charm

A very easy way to “winter wonderland” your holiday party, are by the choices you make in your table runner and place settings. Attach holly leaves to napkin rings, then add a garland as a runner, and you’ve got a festive, nature-inspired table. You can even toss festive snow flakes across the display to give your festive greenery a more wintery look.

Let us know what creative ideas and liberties you take with your holiday soirree.