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Mar 30, 2018

Swerve Release Single “Know It All” At The Hi Hat

LA alt-rock quartet Swerve released their single “Know It All” Monday night at the Hi Hat.

Swerve began as a moniker for music created by Los Angeles native Greg Mahdesian, but has since developed into a full band on the verge of releasing their sophomore EP, Dumb Romeo, due out this spring.

Photo: Alison Chandler

“Know It All is our fight song,” says Greg. “You know those arguments you have where you just can’t get it through to the other person how wrong they are? These days it’s usually about politics, and this song came out of several of those discussions that go nowhere but that you just can’t let go of. Our good friend Jessica Rotter laid down some backing vocals to add extra dynamics, and Brandon (our bassist and producer) got me all riled up before the vocal so that I would give a more
aggressive take than normal, and we’re really happy with how it all came together.”

You can check out Swerve’s new single and keep up with the band below:




Swerve – Know It All


By: Tara Schroetter