Mar 8, 2020

SXSW Cancelled Over Corona Virus Fears

SXSW Film Festival is a massive draw for the city of Austin, Texas. Every year people come from all our the world come to see film, music, and tech merge into one seamless festival.

Travis P Ball/Getty Images for SXSW 2019

SXSW has become a staple in Austin, with many entertainment branches planning their pilgrimage to the event months in advance. Now with the Corona virus many tech companies were pulling out of the festival over fears of Corona Virus. Have we let the mass media blow Corona Virus out of proportion? While cases are growing, it is arguably, factually, and scientifically less fatal than Influenza which kills in the thousands each flu season. This year alone Influenza has been specifically horrible, why are all the major AP outlets garnering such fear among denizens? Well, ask yourself the question, we’re just here to let you know Corona Virus has claimed SXSW.

Mayor Adler said he had declared a “local disaster in the city” that had effectively canceled SXSW. He added that the decision had been made based on the recommendation of Austin’s public heath officer and director of public health given the size and nature of the event, which often features concerts where people are in close contact. Travis County, where Austin is located, does not have a confirmed case of the virus, known as COVID-19. SXSW organizers confirmed the cancellation in a statement on the event website, writing, “SXSW will faithfully follow the City’s directions.”  The cancellation follows many companies choosing not to participate this year as a safety precaution, including Netflix, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, WarnerMedia and Amazon Studios. As we said, the tech giants have backed out in fear of contamination, and this year will see the entertainment industry moving forward without the yearly joining of the minds. The tragedy in SXSW being cancelled, is it is the only festival of its kind. No other festival kicks off a merger of all aspects of entertainment, even containing gaming the way SXSW does. We hope you booked insurance on your reservation with the cancellation coming just weeks ahead of its previously scheduled run. Let us know your thoughts on this latest development.