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Jan 13, 2014


Syfy premieres the fourth season of its highly successful Canadian import Lost Girl tonight, kicking off a Monday packed with exciting premieres. The gang’s all back for another sexy, fun, action-filled set of supernatural stories spotlighting the mythologically mysterious Fae world and its various shades of Light and Dark.

Series leads Anna Silk (Bo) and Ksenia Solo (Kenzi) recently connected with entertainment reporters in a delightful conference call discussing Lost Girl’s new season and PPLA was there.

Due to a joyous recent addition to Anna’s life viewers will notice she’s all but absent from tonight’s season opener. “In real life I’d just had a baby,” she explained. “While they were filming Season Four’s premiere I had just given birth so I was a little bit busy. I love that [due to stolen memories] there’s this whole episode before our group even realizes that Bo’s not there. I think the writers handled my absence well and came up with a great idea. It’s a great episode.”

If you’re wondering if Silk was able to have her newborn son on set throughout the remainder of the season, the answer is: “Yes I did. He was there almost every day and he loved it. It actually made him extra-social because he sort of became the Faeby of the crew. He was a very popular little addition to our Lost Girl family and it was amazing to have him there every day,” shared Anna. Ksenia quickly interjected, “And let it be known that little Sam is the most wonderful child I have ever met. He always had a smile on his face, was never crying and was just the happiest baby. I don’t know what kind of magic voodoo Anna and Seth used but he was a very happy baby.” Anna confirmed, “It’s true. He smiles from morning to night. He is a very happy baby.”

Easing the loss of Anna’s absence in the premiere is an amazing dance scene featuring Solo, Kris Holden-Ried (Light Fae Wolf shapeshifter Dyson) and K.C. Collins (Light Fae Siren Hale) that, in concert with the introduction of guest stars Mia Kirshner (as Clio) and the inimitable George Takei, serves as a dazzling centerpiece to the episode. I asked Ksenia to comment on the sequence and how the boys took to the showstopping choreography. She acknowledged, “It was definitely a very interesting experience. I could not be prouder of Kris and K.C. who have never really danced before and were presented with an incredible challenge. When we all heard that we were doing this I think we kind of assumed that we would just do a few poses, walk across the floor and have nothing too crazy to do. We ended up doing things, with the help of a very talented choreographer who really kicked our butts in ways that we never thought our butts could be kicked, that we never thought we could. The fact that we only had about six rehearsals kind of tells you how little time we had but it was incredibly enjoyable. It was also incredibly hard, of course, all of us had blisters and sprained ankles. I almost got a concussion and I had a cracked rib after the fact so there was a lot of pain involved. There were some dangerous things that we did but I can proudly say we had no dance doubles and the boys did an absolute phenomenal job. Overall it was really great and I’m very thankful to the writers that they incorporated that because it was something that we’ve never done before.”

On the subject of George Takei’s guest appearance opposite Solo, she beamed, “It was a real treat. George is not only a gentleman and has a wonderful kind heart but he’s one of the most professional individuals I have ever met. We were so honored that he wanted to do our show. He and I had some really fun scenes and it was cool to be able to look ten feet up and see George on this vertical lift in a green jumpsuit. We had some good laughs. It was just a real joy.” George’s onscreen action revolves around Kenzi but Anna got to meet him too. “I met him very briefly and he just seems like one of those guys that really loves life. He was great,” added Silk.

One notable upcoming Lost Girl guest star is best known as the mother of humanity’s resistance vs. Skynet. Anna informed, “I’m really excited and happy that Linda Hamilton comes back in Season Four because I really didn’t get to work with her the first time. I was really fortunate to get to work with her this time.”

Asked to elaborate on what makes Bo and Kenzi’s bond so remarkable even now in Season Four, Ksenia declared, “I think that Bo & Kenzi were two lost souls in very different ways, but, I really do believe they were lost and they found each other in this kind of crazy set of circumstances. I feel like when you meet somebody in a life-and-death situation you’re automatically bonded with them, and in their case it was that times a million. They’ve always been there for each other no matter what. I think it’s very rare, whether in the fantasy world or in real life, to have a friend that would take a bullet for you and is gonna listen to your crap no matter how many times you want to talk about your breakup or whatever and will be there for you absolutely, no matter what. They found a home in each other and formed an unbreakable bond. I just think they have a connection that goes beyond anything. I think it’s very spiritual.” Anna affirmed, “And it was instant too, from the very moment that Bo & Kenzi met. They’re also two pretty cool chicks, you know, they’re just cool and they have a spark between them. I recently watched some old episodes and I noticed just how much spark there is between Bo & Kenzi, there just is. It existed from the first moment they met. I think the scenes between them are so lively for that reason. There’s just a great chemistry and connection there.”


Signaling what fans can expect thematically from this season, Silk confided, “Emily Andras, our showrunner, sort of said it best that “the highs are high and the lows are low” which I think is a really great way to describe this season because the stakes are really high. Since our group was sort of torn apart at the end of Season Three, any sort of resolution I tell you about now will give away too many plot points — but we do see the gang come back together, eventually. It’s definitely about finding our way back home in this season, for sure. It may not always be in the same dynamic as before but this season takes that core group and those core relationships and really fine tunes them. They get a little bit further explored and the whole group has more of an uphill battle this season. As for Bo, she has a really big role in the Fae world and she’s never really known exactly what that is. I think a part of her is afraid to find out because I think she knows she’s a key player and that her role has big consequences and that those consequences can be really negative for the people she loves. That journey is always part of every season for Bo and it certainly is in this season as well.”

Ksenia elaborated on Kenzi, “With Bo disappearing at the end of Season Three and kind of leaving us all without her, Kenzi’s journey in Season Four is really all about finding her place in that world. At the beginning it’s especially hard because her heart and her rock and her home and her love is gone. That’s an incredibly difficult situation to be in when you have a void like that in your life. I think all of the characters are just trying to find our way back home in our own ways. Season Four also does a really great job of connecting characters that you wouldn’t expect to develop relationships, whether romantically or just as friends. I think the writers did a great job of exploring that and seeing where that could go.”

Expounding further on Kenzi’s relationships with Hale and Lauren, Solo detailed, “I think that Kenzi and Hale coming together in a romantic way was expected. It’s been leading up for quite a while and it’s been a joy to go from two people who annoyed the hell out of each other to two people who’ve really developed a deep caring and love for each other. This season there’s going to be a lot of fun with them and there’s also gonna be some drama, which of course every relationship has. Because this is the Fae world and because this is Lost Girl sometimes we take that drama to a whole different level. You can definitely expect that with Kenzi and Hale.” Regarding Lauren (played by Zoie Palmer) and whether or not the pair’s frosty past relationship might thaw in Season Four, she divulged, “I would definitely say yes. In our Season Four premiere you see Kenzi reach out to Lauren and that’s not something she would usually do but she realizes that they have a stronger bond than she’d thought. It’s really hard for all these other Faes to understand what a human is going through so I think she reaches out because she knows that they can connect on that level. You know, when you have no one around I think you reach out to the people that can understand you the most and that’s what happens with them.”

Responding to what extent, if any, starring on Lost Girl has inspired a deeper interest in historic fairy folklore or mythology Silk revealed that her connection to the subject began in her youth. “As a child I was given a beautiful book called Fairies that was a picture book that also contained a lot of folklore about fairies. It was a scary book. The pictures were not of pretty little fairies, they were of little creatures that lived under mushrooms. I was extremely fascinated by this book, I still have it. It’s completely falling apart but it’s always come with me and it’s always been a source of wonder for me from a very young age. So, I definitely tune in to that and notice that more now in anything I read.” As for Ksenia, she relayed, “I can say that I’m always shocked to find out that the mythology in our episodes is based on real mythology. I always kind of assumed that our writers must’ve made up these crazy creatures but then I found out that it’s all based on actual mythology. I find that very fascinating and it does inspire me to find out more.”

My final question to Ksenia Solo was about her upcoming movie, Another You, which also features her Lost Girl co-star Kris Holden-Ried. I asked if there was anything she could tell us about the film at this time. “At this point I can’t give away too much. It was a film that my production company co-produced that’s in post-production right now. It’s a love story with a sci-fi twist. It co-stars Diego Boneta who’s an incredibly talented young actor and someone that the L.A. Times just named one of the Faces to Watch in 2014. I’m a big fan of his work and he was fantastic to work with. It’s a film that I hope people will be able to relate to and enjoy watching. We’ll have to see what happens when it comes out later this year.”

In light of changing viewer habits, I ended my time with the lovely ladies by asking Anna Silk if she’s noticed any increased ratings or fan recognition due to Lost Girl’s popularity on Netflix. Her response was not surprising. “Yes, a lot of people that’ve been recognizing me or recognizing the show lately have said they started watching it on Netflix. I’ve noticed that a lot of people are saying that to me, it’s definitely something being mentioned a lot.”

If mythological powers and creatures from various folklore interest you or if you simply appreciate strong, beautiful women in powerfully cool action-adventure stories you definitely should be watching Lost Girl on Syfy. With its fourth season premiering tonight @ 8/7c the Fae have a new foe and her name is Bo. George Takei fans won’t want to miss his sinuous guest spot and the always enticing Mia Kirshner begins her multi-episode arc in tonight’s memorable season opener titled, “In Memoriam.”

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