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Sep 3, 2014


Press Pass LA was at The CBS Studios to watch the rehearsals for the So You Think You Can Dance Finale this past week and there were some surprises up Zack Everhart, Valerie Rockey, Ricky Ubeda and Jessica Richens- the Top 4 dancers’- sleeves!

SYTYCD Top 4 dancersA surprise the Top 4 revealed during rehearsals was that there will be group numbers with all of the Top 20 dancers. The rehearsals for that performance were led by Warren Carlyle who recently directed and choreographed After Midnight a NY Broadway musical.

During a break we had a chance to speak with the Top 4 SYTYCD dancers. We asked each of them how does it feel to have the Top 20 back for one of the group routines? Zack told us, “I don’t think we could do this finale performance without them.” Rick jumped in to say, “The Top 4 is getting lonely and we miss everyone so much!” Valerie and Jessica agreed saying that bringing back the other contestants brought so much energy and helped bring the piece together.

A tough question that everyone had to think about was what has been the highlight of their journey so far. Valerie told us, ” Looking back, I see how much I have grown each week, from the first week to the last week. I was presented with a lot of character roles which I struggled with in the beginning. As it went on, I found out how to dive into each piece.”  Ricky said, “I have made so many life long friends I will have forever.  Even though I am the youngest dancer, it doesn’t feel like there is a difference between anyone. We have all come together as a family.”SYTYCD Finale

They were all very hush hush about the finale but the Top 4 did share that there will be a couple of group routines- some old favorites and some new ones to look out for- but they will all be doing dances that they love!

The dancers were also all very excited about the So You Think You Can Dance Tour which kicks of October 1st in New Orleans. When asked what they were looking forward to most about the tour, Ricky and Valerie both said “dancing without the stress of the competition will be a nice feeling” and everyone agreed they can’t wait to bond more with one another and experience each city together.

SYTYCD FinaleMake sure you tune into the So You Think You Can Dance Finale Wednesday September 3rd at 8/7c on Fox.

Photo Credit/Reporting by Carey Glenn.