May 21, 2013


Photographer Eric John

For fans of Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance, it’s always fun to see where the contestants wind up after their season is over. Former cast members have been seen in the film Step Up 3D, on ABC Family’s Bunheads and ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. Now, viewers can head to the theatre to see their favorites dance live onstage for the Shaping Sound company tour.

The troupe of dancers lead by SYTYCD alums Travis Wall and Nick Lazzarini along with fellow founders Teddy Forance and Kyle Robinson is a tour de force of movement for any dance fan. Press Pass LA was there on the red carpet for their debut in Los Angeles at the El Portal Theatre on May 19. We had the opportunity to speak to some of the stars of the show and some special guests who are familiar to the dance scene.

Robinson, familiar to TV audiences from the reality show All The Right Moves, shared his thoughts on the dance climate with the next generation of dancers. Robinson said, “They are so quick in picking up choreography. The dancers these days are so quick and so on point at picking up the counts, the choreography and the movement quality. It’s impressive.”

Lazzarini was the season one winner of SYTYCD, so it’s nice to see him as a major contributor to the L.A. dance scene. He talked to us about how the dance community sticks together and really supports each other. He revealed, “The dance community is super small and so teeny. We are lucky enough to have all of these people in our show. They’re all our family. It’s great.”

Supporters of the Shaping Sound show included Broadway star Rachelle Rak, who has appeared in musicals like Fosseand Catch Me if You Can. However, it’s been her career-altering appearance on Dance Moms that kicked her fame into high gear. She offered up her thoughts on controversial dancer teacher Abby Lee Miller. Rak said, “Some believe that they have to put you down to build up. In fact Abby once said, ‘You’re only as successful as your students.’ But, Abby loves her kids.”

Adam Shankman, who will be back judging on season 10 of SYTYCD, talked about being able to support a lot of the dancers from the show after they have competed. Shankman gave us the inside scoop, “Let’s put it this way, at this point, I just keep a catalogue. On the show, I do fall in love the kids and their talent. It just makes sense to use them in the stuff that I do.” He’s used many of the cast members for Step Up 3D to the Academy Awards.

Canadian choreographer and SYTYCD fan favorite Stacey Tookey dished with us about the challenges of working with trained dancers and the pressure of the show. Tookey said, “So you are super excited but at the same time there a worry in you when it’s their genre that you’re not going to do them justice.” Somehow, we think she’s doing okay!

The Shaping Sound company’s North American tour takes them across the U.S. and to Canada from mid-May through mid-June. Visit Shaping Sound for a list of dates.

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