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Apr 2, 2024

Trailer Tuesday: ‘Alien: Romulus’

Alien was a scifi movie like no other when it debuted, decades later its given birth to a longlasting franchise. This is the first teaser…read more >

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Mar 19, 2024

Trailer Tuesday: ‘Rebel Moon – Part 2: The Scargiver’

Zach Snyder has spent over a decade developing his scifi epic Rebel Moon. Now, part 2 is hitting Netflix on April 19 in Rebel Moon:…read more >

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Mar 14, 2024

AMC Networks Picks Up ‘Snowpiercer’ After TNT Dropped The Series

Series can have many lives, just like cats, in today’s tv landscape. Snowpiercer has landed at AMC after hitting the cutting room floor of TNT’s…read more >

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Feb 7, 2024

James Cameron, Nicholas Cage and More Chat With PPLA On The Red Carpet For The Saturn Awards

Rain wasn’t going to stop the annual Saturn Awards! Everyone was snug and cozy under a tented step and repeat as the annual Saturn Awards…read more >

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Dec 12, 2023

Trailer Tuesday: ‘Dune: Part 2’

Dune crashed the pop culture scene when this epic of science fiction royalty made its updated way to the big screen back in October of…read more >

Dec 6, 2023

Zack Snyder’s ‘Rebel Moon’ Primed To Take Over Netflix

Rebel Moon is coming to Netflix, and it’s gearing up to take over the landing page and become your new obsession. Netflix has decided to…read more >

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Aug 25, 2023

‘Dune: Part Two’ Delays Release to 2024 Amid Ongoing Actors Strike

It’s official, the ongoing strike (now on day 40+ for SAGAFTRA and 115+ for WGA) has affected the winter blockbuster releases. Dune: Part Two has…read more >

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Aug 23, 2023

Catch This Sneak Peak of Apple TV+’s ‘Invasion’ Season 2

Apple TV+’s Invasion returns for a second season! Ahead of the show’s debut, Apple has shared a featurette that shows bravery in the face of…read more >

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Aug 1, 2023

Trailer Tuesday: ‘Dune: Part Two’

After the massive success of Dune, it should come as no surprise that the final counterpart to the saga looks every bit as incredible as…read more >

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Jul 18, 2023

Trailer Tuesday: ‘The Pod Generation’

A new sci-fi feature is in the works, The Pod Generation gives us a glimpse into a future that doesn’t seem all that unbelievable. Emilia…read more >