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Nov 7, 2022

Meet TikTok’s Coolest Grandma: The “Gangster Granny” Who Just Celebrated Her 96th Birthday

Sometimes it takes a lifetime to find one’s calling. For Pauline “Granny” Kana, one half of the Ross andGranny duo, it took nearly 90 years…read more >

New Media, News
Mar 7, 2022

LA Based Clash App Helps 3,500+ Content Creators Pay their Bills (Without Millions of Followers!)

The most prominent influencers have been able to earn from their creative videos and posts for years. What about Creators and up-and-coming influencers that have…read more >

Oct 14, 2021

New App ‘CLASH’ Debuts With Intention To Aid In Monetization For Content Creators

People love to consume internet videos, and for many, that is their daily work flow. Clash is a Los Angeles based app that is co-founded…read more >

Sep 16, 2020

Netflix Debuts Powerful Documentary “The Social Dilemma” A Jaw Dropping Doc Out Of Sundance 2020

The Social Dilemma takes on social media, and shares the scary facts behind the design of social media’s ability to track you. Why is it…read more >

Social Media
Jul 3, 2020

Twitter Do Your Thing! And It Does for Julian Bass

Have you heard of Julian Bass? He’s Twitter’s latest sensation. With millions of views on his special effects video, he’s pulling the attention of big…read more >

Lifestyle, Social Media
Mar 20, 2020

Digital Darlings: Lets Play An Instagram Game Shall We?

With everyone currently weathering the times out at home, a positive Instagram game has emerged. The rules are easy and everyone can play. This is…read more >

Feb 7, 2019

Ariana Grande Reveals Grammy Producer is Lying About her Non-Attendance/ Performance

This is turning out to be a wild awards season with talent and shows. Ariana Grande has come forward saying she’d kept silent on why…read more >

Oct 9, 2018

The Power of Taylor Swift

Swifties bought Taylor Swift’s first ever pop country album back in 2006….over a decade later her legion of fans have power enmasse. 

L.A. Local, Television, Video, What to Watch
Nov 9, 2016

Get What Matters, Episode 2 “Instagram: Is Not Real Life”

Hosts Jennifer Buonantony and Shawn Finnie take the lead from model and Instagrammer, Essena O’Neill, who made waves last year when she re-captioned all of…read more >

Interviews, Reviews, Television, What to Watch
Jun 28, 2015


People all over the world have grown to love comedian Amy Schumer. Since her call to fame Schumer has created skits and jokes about Hollywood’s…read more >