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Jul 13, 2023

SAG-AFTRA Declare Strike, Joining WGA Members on Picket Lines

With SAG-AFTRA officially declaring a strike, this marks the first time since 1960 that both the Writers Guild and SAG-AFTRA have been on strike at the same time….read more >

Jul 6, 2023

Actors Begin Strike Preparations A Week Ahead Of Extended Talks Deadline

As talks between SAG-AFTRA and the AMPTP continue this week, on an extended deadline from the original June 30th expiration, members across the country are gearing up for…read more >

Jun 12, 2023

Strike Chatter How to Stay Informed

Popular podcast host Audrey Moore has released an important episode for union members who are curious or anxious about the ongoing SAGAFTRA negotiations currently underway…read more >

May 8, 2023

Nicole Kidman’s AFI Lifetime Achievement Award Event Postponed Due to Writers Strike

More and more awards ceremonies are taking a step back as the Writer’s Strike continues to disrupt work across the entertainment community. To be clear,…read more >

Oct 15, 2021

IATSE See’s Strike Solidarity Across the Pond. British Union BECTU of Below The Line Talent Leans on Full Support

That is correct the U.K. union is watching the minutes tick down as the IATSE strike looms on the Monday horizon, with no plans to…read more >