Jun 15, 2012


We sat down with singer-songwriter Jimmy Nash to talk about his new album, “The Road to 33″. After his debut show at Hard Rock Hollywood, we were able to capture the real meaning of the album and how he started off his career.

Jimmy learned song writing from his parents, who have penned hit songs for a slew of Nashville elite. “The Road to 33” is a musical journey through the highways and tribulations of life. The album emphasizes how life is about every success, every failure, every love found, every love lost, and every disappointment. The album is a culmination of heartache and the true happiness life can bring you. In addition to his soaring vocal range, Jimmy plays guitar, ukulele, and piano. While Jimmy grew up with country music, he became entranced by the sounds of Top 40 and his style has often been compared to Jason Mraz. With one listen, you will hear a mix of eclectic sounds that make this artist truly unique!

PPLA: How did you make the journey from Nashville to Los Angeles and what influenced you to make music?

JIMMY: Starting from the beginning, my parents were songwriters. They wrote for fifteen years in Nashville. They moved to Texas, and then I moved there. I write with both my Mom and my Dad. I have had so many musical influences growing up. I like the Bee Gee’s and the Beatles, and Simon and Garfunkel. This album is about keeping the faith alive.

PPLA: What is the meaning of the album, “The Road to 33″? What drives you to make music and what influences you?

JIMMY: My studio where I record is in Omaha, which is off of Highway 33. People are like, “are you 33?”, and I say, “I am on my way there.” The album shaped the road to where I am going. “The Road to 33” is about more than where I recorded; it is my childhood up until now.

PPLA: What song on the album really stands out for you?  What are you the most proud of?

JIMMY: I wrote all the songs. I think that it won’t be dated because the message really came together. I could have listened to it back when I was 29. I could of written it when I was 20, or when I am 70. It is written for people that struggle to get somewhere. Everyone needs to struggle.

PPLA: I hear that your track “More than Crazy” will be aired on ABC’s Jane By Design? When does it air?

JIMMY: We are thrilled about that. The song got picked up and airs on June 19th at 8/9c.

PPLA: How do you like the music scene and living in Los Angeles as compared with Nashville and Texas?

JIMMY: It is very interesting. I am missing the rain. I like how places are within running distance! It’s weird how everyone is outside all the time. In Houston, people never eat outside because you don’t want to sweat to death! (laughs)

Sweating aside, we are happy to have Jimmy’s sound here in Los Angeles and look forward to seeing him at both indoor and outdoor venues real soon!

Check out Jimmy’s cover of “Over the Rainbow” and his hit  “More than Crazy” from “The Road to 33”.

For more information on his upcoming shows and news, visit JimmyNash.com, @JimmyNash