May 30, 2012


We recently reviewed The Parlotones latest album “Journey Through the Shadows”. We enjoyed it so much we decided to attend the kick off of their American Tour this month at the Roxy. Drummer, Neil Pauw sat down with us to answer our top five questions about the band and the meaning behind their latest release.

The album shares the extraordinary journey that everyone in life faces. Pauw shared with PPLA his experiences in starting the band, the personal meaning behind this album, and what inspired The Parlotones to become multiplatinum selling recording artists.

PPLA:  What are the bands roots?

PAUW: All of us went to junior school together. We knew each other but we were not friends or anything really. We ended up having mutal friends and that’s how I met Kahn (lead singer, Kahn Morbee). In those days, we did not have mobile phones and so we met at the mall. Shortly after, we literally started playing in the garage.

PPLA: Who are your music influences and what artists to do you admire?

PAUW: I like The Pixues, The Cure, and The Smiths. I grew up listening to those bands. We are very ‘indie’.  We played with Coldplay once which was huge for us!

PPLA: What is the meaning behind Journey Through the Shadows, what do you want people to take away form the band?

PAUW: It is a long journey- being in a band is tough. You can be here today and be gone tomorrow. It is basically about that, the journey through the darkness… you never know. That’s the thing, that’s life. You wake up the next day and you don’t know where you will be. It is hard work, but you will get there.

PPLA: You are kicking off your American tour here in L.A. at the Roxy? Why Los Angeles?

PAUW:  L.A. is awesome. We are pretty much based here now and travel for touring. It is kind of like home. I mean the way that the weather is, is similar. It is way bigger than home though! (The band is from Johannesburg, South Africa). I also really like Texas and Florida. And I really, really like playing in Chicago.  We can’t wait to get on the road and promote this album.

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