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Jul 23, 2015


We spoke with The Reasn earlier this year but with the success of his latest video “Blue Flame” we just couldn’t help but catch up with this talented artist! 

Press Pass LA spoke with you about six months ago and your career was on fire then and already so much has happened. Lets jump right in and hear all about your latest hit “Blue Flame.”

PPLA: What inspired the song and video behind “Blue Flame”?

The Reasn: “Blue Flame” is about a  situation in a past relationship, someone who is chasing something that is not real. It’s about slowly burning.

PPLA: What do you hope your fans take away from your new song?

The Reasn: I want my fans to remember to look at what you have now and appreciate it, and really know the person that you’re with. You don’t need to already be chasing what they see on TV! Hold on tight to the one you are with. It’s the same message in the video but it’s not as in your face. People can each take away a different meaning.

PPLA: Is there an artist that you are hoping to collaborate with next?

The Reasn: Right now I’m looking two work with certain rappers for my next song which is currently in the works, also some graphic artists for the album.

PPLA:  What musicians have really inspired your career up to this point?

The Reasn: All types from classic rock like The Beatles to Motown like Jimmy Hendricks who brought a new sound and really changed things.  I aspire to do that. Following the music industry isn’t really my thing. I try not to be a follower but instead bring back originality to music and create something people can identify with.

PPLA: What type of music do you listen to when you are just relaxing?

The Reasn: I tend to stay in my bubble but I’d put on some hip-hop or classic music to relax. (laughs). I haven’t relaxed in 5 years though!

PPLA: A lot of artists today launch other product lines, especially fashion. Is that something that interests you?

The Reasn: I just like to be fly, but I friends that are really into fashion.

PPLA: How would you describe your style in two words?

The Reasn: Black Rockstar.

PPLA: What should we be on the look out for next?

The Reasn: Things are about to be crazy!  “Blue flame” is a hit in its own right and the world is going to be ready for some new, universal music.

We sure loved his latest video! Check it out above.

Reporter Bria Anderson