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Mar 15, 2018

Talk Shop Live has Arrived to Revolutionize Your Shopping

Talk Shop.Live has officially launched and is the first-ever live streaming social selling network!Think of it as Facebook meets the Home Shopping Network….this could be dangerous to our wallets, but we’re so intrigued. Talk Shop Live allows small businesses and entrepreneurs to create their own video channels and shows for their products, ¬†creating live streams over social platforms to reach their global audience.

The platform is really ingenious for customers, you can see the product and how it works in real time. Meaning the sellers can be live streaming, or you can watch a homemade video of the item you’re interested in, in use. The platform also allows viewers to chat directly with the sellers to ask relevant and useful questions when deciding to purchase. How cool is that? Will you be checking out TalkShop.live ??? Our interest has peaked.

Man…we thought the facebook market place was cool, this is a shopping binge on another level.