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Apr 9, 2013


Photo Credit Liz H. Kelly

This weekend we attended the Team True Beauty “Empowering From Within” Panel Event. Founded by Brittany Miller (President) and Meriam Bouarrouj (Vice-President), Team True Beauty is an organization that encourages people to use their voices and believe in their worth and purpose. They also raise further awareness on the dangers of eating disorders and promote healthy body images.

The organization has over 11,000 supporters including tons of celebrities such as: Tia Mowry, Laura Izibor, Kate Voegele, LL Coo J, Jodie Sweetin, Quinton Aaron, The Band Perry, Laurieann Gibson, Channing Tatum and many, many more. Team True Beauty hosted a panel event where they invited 7 celebrity women to come and speak about “Empowering From Within.” Katie Lowes (Scandal), Daphne Zuniga (Melrose Place & One Tree Hill), Melissa Farman (HBO’s Game Change & CSI), Alisa Reyes (All That & The Proud Family), Joslyn Davis (Clevver TV Host/Executive Producer) and Kirsten Vangsness (Criminal Minds). Shantel VanSanten (One Tree Hill) wasn’t able to make it due to filming in Canada but did send a heartfelt video.

We asked Katie Lowes what her definition of “true beauty” is and she said, “I think beauty is…in a sense…is spirit. I think it’s something that can’t really be defined and I don’t think it’s on the outside. I think it truly is who you are on the inside. I think you grow old; your outside physical appearance could change in a heartbeat. There is nothing that you can rest in that and you have to find something about your identity that is what you really find beautiful about yourself. And those are the things you do, the relationships you share with people and the mark you make on the life that you have.”

Katie’s message on the panel was awesome and very positive! Of course she talked about her hit show, Scandal and how she feels that it cross promotes Team True Beauty. The show pushes the envelope with having a woman of color as the lead (which hasn’t happened in over 37 years), a gay couple and her character, Quinn, being a size 8 instead of the typical size 0-2. Katie also laughed about how the show’s creator, Shonda Rhimes, gave her a stern warning that she better stay that size 8 and not change.

Kirsten Vangsness had to be the most hilarious and vibrant person on the panel! She talked to us about how social media plays a huge part in how women feel about their bodies and self-esteem. “Everything is so picture oriented. Now you can Instagram a thing and you can filter the f**k out of it. And then you’ve got some 12 year old who doesn’t understand I don’t look like that and guess what? Even if I did look like that, I didn’t look like that when I was 12. Because you need to be a little awkward sometimes and how boring if we all looked the same, so boring!”

All of the women on the panel shared personal stories, gave wonderful advice and delivered strong messages about beauty, image and self-esteem. One personal story that really tugged on everyone’s heart was from Tayrin Tapia-Torres, who flew all the way in for the event from Buffalo, NY. She shared how she was sexually abused at the age of 5. She started DearTayrin, a not-for-profit organization raising awareness and educating on child sexual abuse while empowering those victimized. She is a huge supporter of Team True Beauty as well.

Those interested in becoming advocates for Team True Beauty can visit their website for more information.

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