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Jan 24, 2013


Photo Credit, Lindsey Byrnes

When Tegan and Sara independently released their first album, Under Feet Like Ours in 1999, they did so under the name ‘Sara and Tegan’. Rebranding themselves as ‘Tegan and Sara’, their reasoning came not only from an easier pronunciation, but also not to be mistaken for other ‘Sara’ musicians of the time (think Sarah McLachlan or Sarah Slean).

Sixteen years later, there’s no mistaking this incredibly talented and dynamic rock duo who just so happen to be identical twins. These Canadian-born, indie-icons spent years building a loyal fan base with their heartfelt, emotional renditions of folk-rock bliss. As the twins prepare to release their 7th studio album Heartthrob, they turn up the volume with fist pumping, club-friendly jams.

Whether it’s folk-rock, riff-heavy tunes, new wave or synth-infused pop, the sisters Quin have always worn their hearts stitched firmly on their sleeves. Fortunately, this does not get lost in the contemporary nature of their latest effort. The twins continue their signature brand of relationship hardships, the draining effort to make love work, to be loved in return, and the heartbreak when it all comes crumbling down.

This time, however, they’ve brought in heavyweight producers who know a thing or two about turning a dance floor on its head. Greg Kurstin (Pink, Ke$ha) and Mike Elizondo (Eminem, Dr. Dre) offer Tegan and Sara the beats and adrenalin they desire without compromising their sentimentally driven anthems. The album’s lead single “Closer,” released last September embodies this goodtime feel equipped with romantic gestures. The song could be played at a party and easily have the crowd bumping to the impossibly catchy chorus primed for radio play.

The twins have obviously let loose as they indulge in pop-dance ear candy primed for the club The skilled production value is noticeably evident. The songs are far more polished and tighter than ever before, clocking in between 3-4 minutes as opposed to 2-4. Tegan and Sara have found their niche as the ultimate indie-pop act that will have your heart beating and your feet moving until the very last beat.

Heartthrob drops January 29th. Pre-order the album on here on iTunes.