Apr 19, 2021

Television Series Are Coming Back To Shoot in California

For years California has seen a massive exodus of actual productions shooting in Hollywood, or the state in general. However, The Flight Attendant and Chad are set to resume new seasons with sets built and shot in California, at last.

NOV. 22, 2020 – Kaley Cuoco stars in “The Flight Attendant,” premiering Thursday on HBO Max. Photo Zap2It

The Flight Attendant and Chad are moving their shoots to California as a new slate of California based shooting develops thanks to the state’s film incentives program. The TBS comedy Chad will move from British Columbia while the HBO Max dramedy The Flight Attendant will relocate from New York. Both shows are about to film their second seasons. With these latest moves, California’s tax credit program has welcomed a total of 23 relocating TV series from other states and nations since 2015. For 2021, seven series have relocated from New York and five from British Columbia. For their first season in California, Chad and The Flight Attendant are on track to generate a combined $58.3 million in qualified spending, meaning: the below-the-line wages to workers and payments to in-state vendors. The two shows plan to employ 442 crew, 180 cast and 1,980 background actors over a combined 117 filming days in California. They will also generate post-production jobs and revenue for VFX artists, sound editors, sound mixers, musicians and other vendors. Based on their qualified spending, Chad and The Flight Attendant qualify for $14.5 million in reserved tax credit allocation. With more series re-locating to California the state is on track to being the recovery process from the economic blow Covid-19 dealt California.