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Sep 10, 2015


All hail your newest obsession in make up! What? Yes people, Temptu has launched their “Temptu Air” a revolutionary approach to applying your foundation and just in time for awards season to kick off with the Primetime Emmys later this month.

It’s all the magic of airbrushed make up with none of the mess, stress, or clean up. After over 5 years of research and creating the perfect product for their customers Temptu has unveiled the ‘Temptu Air’. This mini device might be small but it packs a killer make up finish you won’t want to live without.
TemptuAirIf you’re anything like us here at the office (aka NOT a pro-mua) you might’ve freaked out for a second. After all if you’ve seen airbrush applied it can look pretty intimidating. The air takes the airbrush application process and makes it possible in your own home. The hand held air is easy and compact with three simple yet effective settings.

If you’ve never used an airbrush before to apply your make up that’s ok, because we went to Temptu headquarters to get you all the skinny on the best pro- tips, tricks, and secrets to make sure you leave your house flawless. Our first question we posed the Temptu team was; ok so I’ve never used airbrush before so how can I learn? Use your hand. Just like kissing in middle school right? Probably less messy and more effective though .

So here’s your pro-tip: Use your hand and make sure to hold the airbrush a few inches away from the desired coverage area. Once you get it to the coverage you want (closer for pimples or spots you’d like to cover) begin moving the airbrush in a circular motion. Once you get your desired effect it will be easier to do your make up.

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 9.14.01 AMAnd without all the brushes and multiple products needed to apply your make up, it will also take you half the time! Perfect if you are dashing between red carpet events, date nights, or just a girls day out!

You can use your ‘Temptu Air’ for foundation, blush, bronzer, and even highlight application. Another pro-tip we gleamed from the glam team at Temptu was to apply a bit of your blush before you apply foundation to give yourself that flawless dewy rosy glow you see women sporting. You can also add a touch of blush to your lips to give them a rosier appearance and just top it off with chap-stick for the “just kissed” effect.

Need another tip? Highlighter in the inner corners of your eye really helps to open up and brighten your entire face up. Just a little tap in the corners goes a long way to give you a fresh-faced
appearance. Temptu Air will undoubtedly be the most coveted make up must-have of awards season in Los Angeles.