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Apr 23, 2015


Blake Lively’s performance in The Age of Adaline was fantastic. With her mature attitude, posture and taste in books and music it was easy to imagine Adaline had lived many years besides her young look.

This was the perfect role for Lively who brought elegance and wisdom to her character and I think after this film, we shall be seeing more of her as a leading lady.

Although, the ending fell rather short of my expectations, the life and journey of Adaline Bowman is worth watching and as a viewer you can’t help but feel the struggle Adaline feels throughout the film.

The story follows Adaline Bowman, whom at the age of 29 suffers a major car accident that causes her to stop aging. Although, Adaline never find out how this phenomenon came to happen to her the viewer knows through narration that it happened the night of the accident when a lightning bolt hits her car and her while she’s in the midst of dying in a lake.

Adaline goes decades running away from authorities and government officials that want to figure out what she is hiding. She tells no one about her lack of aging except for her daughter who we see grow throughout the film.

She changes her name, look and home every decade. She has no choice but to lie to everyone she meets and then disappears. She avoids taking pictures, going out , and falling in love.


That is until she meets a young, charming guy named Ellis Jones (Michiel Huisman) and falls in love. Ellis loves Adaline very much and invites her to his home to celebrate his parents 40th anniversary. It is then that we learn that Adaline once dated Ellis’s father William Jones (Harrison Ford) and that he was going to propose to him.

The story is both compelling and original making it a refreshing start to the summer movie season. Everyone brings top notch performances and it is great to see Ford flexing his acting chops again. Lively proves she is more than just a pretty face and this one movie alone seems to handle the idea of immortality better than the entire first season of Forever.

In theaters everywhere April 24th.

Written by: Denise Salcedo