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Jul 20, 2020


The Alienist is back with its newest season Angel of Darkness and we’ve got exciting news, they official held the first virtual premiere of a new show!

Images Courtesy of TNT

TNT launched The Alienist: Angel of Darkness, the much-anticipated new season of the hit, Emmy Award-winning series The Alienist, with an exclusive virtual live screening of the premiere episode followed by an exclusive interactive and immersive theatrical after-party, produced by the award-winning, creative studio and theater company, Little Cinema. Little Cinema has evolved the virtual event experience on their dedicated platform by creating a narrative-driven, 60 minute, three-act, interactive theatrical murder mystery experience set in the world of The Alienist in Gilded-Age New York. On the site, guests had access to a variety of clues and character profiles that drive them from room to room, encouraging interaction with actors and asking questions in real time to help them crack the case of ‘Who Killed Alejandro Valdez?’ The clues on the site are updated at the beginning of each act further driving the storyline. At the end of act three, guests can vote on who they think the real killer is—if they guess correctly, the wrongfully accused innocent man is released; but if they are incorrect, he meets his untimely fate. In addition to elevating the online experience, Little Cinema has upped the ante on engagement boxes by creating a truly unique unboxing experience with a dollhouse-like effect that allowed guests to peer inside a miniature newsroom. The Alienist: Angel of Darkness Executive Producers Rosalie Swedlin & Stuart Carolan delivered the opening remarks, and guests experienced a socially interactive screening of the first episode. Following the screening, series stars Daniel Brühl, Luke Evans, and Dakota Fanning invited all attendees to join the cast and executive producers in the immersive afterparty.

Images Courtesy of TNT

The evening’s drama was informed by historical happenings in 1897 Manhattan with interactive live performers fully immersed in 1890’s character and in settings relevant to the series, including The Opera, Delmonico’s, Montrose Oyster Saloon, The Tombs, The Suffragette HQ, and The Magician’s Theater. The event was narrated by one of the Angel of Darkness’ main characters, Cyrus Montrose (Robert Wisdom), with lively entertainment as the backdrop to each room. Featured acts included live performances from ‘Red Farrell & Alexandria’ (Eli + Daphne Rose) of the Hudson Dusters gang who offered clues for the right price and ‘Theodor Wentworth’s’ (Jonathan Goodwin) breathtaking live escape from a sealed water tank. At Delmonico’s, guests learned from the exquisitely attired Barman, (and all-too-central-to-the-mystery) ‘Bobby Blue’ (Nick Atkinson), how to mix several custom The Alienist cocktails from Death & Co.; Memento Mori photographer ‘Mr. Never + Forget’ (Marc Schrei + Zepe Zauer) tantalized guests with a seemingly private performance piece fusing opera with the art of Shibari rope tying; ‘Charlotte + Martha’ (Mia Ellis + Jisel Soleil Ayon) scripted guests’ names on a giant chalkboard in real time, adding them to the women’s suffrage movement; ‘The Wentworth’s’ (Nina Silver, Olivia Echegaray, Seamus Guy) chatted guests up with the latest gossip and clues at The Opera. And if the right clue was found, guests were able to enter The Tombs, where ‘Mateo Sanz’ (Miguel Anaya) – the wrongfully accused – was being held.

Lastly, to give back to the city that inspired the series, TNT partnered with the historic dining institution Delmonico’s to open their kitchen for one day only to create and deliver meals specially prepared by their executive chef to hundreds of healthcare workers and the community that have been impacted by COVID-19. With the help of local partner Feed the Frontlines NYC, the meal deliveries will feature a special three-course menu with select items featured on Delmonico’s menu since the 1890’s. The signature dishes include the classic BLT wedge salad and original Delmonico’s steak and rice pudding cake.