Feb 27, 2012


It’s that time again…when the Bachelor attempts to sleep with three women in three days (and then break one of their hearts) all in the guise of taking the relationship to the ‘next level’ on the over night dates, a.k.a. fantasy suites. Will Bachelor Ben succeed? It’s cold in Switzerland, so something tells me these ladies with be down to cuddle (read DTF).

Our first Alpine adventure goes to Nicki. The couple takes a (no surprise) helicopter ride, although this ride does have a bit more speed and dips than the other leisurely beach chopper of past dates. We dart through the mountains and over a glacier before settling into a cozy log cabin for dinner. Ben says he can feel his relationship going to ‘new heights’ with Nicki and that the ‘relationship stays grounded’ and real due to her confidence. “What better a person to have by my side. I can feel love when I am with her.”  I almost expected Elton John to belt out Can You Feel the Love Tonight but my thought was interrupted by Ben giving Nicki the overnight date card. Nicki accepts and lets Ben know how much it meant to her that he said her Dad reminded him of his Dad…and with that, Daddy’s little girl was off to seal the deal. Just kidding! No, I’m not.

Next up is Ben’s date with Lindzi. Interlaken is apparently the extreme sports mecca of Europe, or so we are told, and therefore Ben has decided to bring back one of his Fear Factor-esque dates and repel down a 300 foot cliff with the girl who’s deathly afraid of heights (you may remember he also made her jump from a helicopter into the ocean below).  Ben says that looking over at Lindzi and having her there (scared shitless) is a comfort to him, as he too is scared of heights (What a romantic date choice then! I  mean, really!) and that he knows he loves her. Mystery solved, fear motivates men. Luckily, no ropes break and the two make it to a romantic evening in which Lindzi dubs herself the ‘ice queen’ who has finally melted. Ben admits to liking this softer, more vulnerable version of her and is glad she has learned to open up to him despite her past heartache. Lindzi assures Ben she loves him and tells him she wants this process to end with a proposal. She then denies the fantasy suite….NOT!!! Okay, maybe that was a bit fifth grade of me. But, Lindzi does mention she normally wouldn’t just spend the night with a guy but she really cares for him. Ben assures her the room key is the ‘key to his heart’ (read, her chastity belt).

Last but not least, we have the date with Courtney which includes a romantic train ride to the nearby town of Wengen. The couple does some local shopping and picks up supplies for a picnic in the field. Ben tells Courtney about a game he used to play with his sister called ‘Hey Cow’. It goes like this…you yell ‘Hey Cow’ to the cows in the field and if they look at you, you win. WINNING! But for once, Courtney loses. Despite how lame this is, I might actually like this game for that very reason. Courtney brings up her fear that her actions toward the other girls early in the competition might be making Ben distrust her and she doesn’t want to lose him over it. Ben actually looks visibly frustrated when he talks about this because it has been causing him doubts. But apparently not enough doubts, as he still invites her to the fantasy suite. Skinny-dipping, round two! Back in the suite, they re-address this issue and Courtney admits to not being proud of some of her earlier behavior, Apparently this apology is all Ben needed because the couple is quickly entangled in the smallest hot tub ever before we know it.

Just when it seemed Ben’s mind was clear, he gets a knock at his door and it is Kaci B. Yes, the girl flew all the way to Switzerland to get some answers. She explains that she was in shock when he let her go last week and needed to know what had gone wrong. It is clear she hopes Ben will take her back but in typical guy fashion, he looks like a deer in headlights, completely stunned, and makes light of their connection. He finally coughs up an explanation about their family upbringing being too different and that he was protecting her by sending her home before the over nights as he didn’t see her there in the end. Somewhat honorable, yet still somewhat cowardly. Just because the girl’s family scared him off, he should have at least let her make her own decisions. That said, her presence certainly stirred up some confused emotions for him (he admits to crying when he sent her home) but not enough to let her back in the game. Chris Harrison later offers to let Ben bring Kaci B back into the rose ceremony but he says it would be ‘too much’ and he’s built stronger connections with the other three on the over night dates. Connections (read….you get the point).  Before departing, Kaci, showing her true class, lets Ben know she wants him to be happy even if it’s not with her and gives Ben a familiar warning about not trusting Courtney.

Ben is left stomach in knots (he literally shows up to the rose ceremony looking like he might vomit) to hand out his final two roses. The first rose goes to Lindzi. The second…Courtney. A heartbroken Nicki gives a tearful fairwell and follows in Kaci B’s footsteps by warning Ben that he will be heartbroken if he makes the wrong decision (a.k.a choosing Courtney in the end).

Tonight’s episode also featured a teaser for the next Bachelorette- Emily Maynard (Brad Womack’s season)- with the help of some Bachelorette alumns Ali Fedotowsky and Ashley Herbert.

With the ‘Women Tell All’  (Read, Catfight + Man-bashing= Entertainment) and the final rose ceremony just around the corner, I can’t wait to see how this all turns out!!!