Concerts, Music
Jun 26, 2012


British rock band The Cult made its debut in Los Angeles at the Hollywood Palladium this past weekend, playing a variety of songs from their new album Choice of Weapon. PPLA was in the audience for this sold out show. The bands’ recent hits “Lucifer” and “The Wolf” really hit home with the audience which was completely packed with cheering fans and smiling faces. Lead vocalist, Ian Astbury had an amazing stage presence and energy, not to mention excellent voical quality throughout the performance.  The band was hitting every note on point and guitarist Billy Duffy brought along an intense post-punk/new wave unique opening to the show. The Cult played a mix of fan favorites accented by the Native American sound on their latest album which had an illuminating effect in the room. The lyrics to the album Choice of Weapon are derived from Native American mythology, Buddhist teachings, and several old life experiences. I thought Astbury’s performance highlighted his shamanistic side; his voice was both deep and controlled. Billy Duffy’s phenomenal guitar work was at its blistering, seductive best.  Bassist Chris Wyse and drummer John Tempesta kept the crowd engaged during the entire show and added to the electric energy. At one point, the crowd took over singing the song lyrics  “we got the drugs, we got the drugs in here”, clapping and screaming with excitement. After the song, “The Wolf ”, the crowd sang in unison for “Wild Flower” and the lead single, “For the Animals.” Astbury also played a set from the 2001 album Beyond Good and Evil and She Sells Sanctuary. Toward the end, the crowd chanted for more and the band delivered with a strong closig. It was a dynamic performance and truly a night of real ‘rock n roll’. Check out our album review of Choice of Weapon.