Jul 13, 2023

The Emmy Nominations Have Arrived…But SAG-AFTRA Strike Means Red Carpets Will be Empty

What if you held a red carpet and nobody came?

Image: Invision for The Television Academy

For organizers of the fall film festivals, studios planning splashy summer premieres, and the normally ongoing Emmy campaigning that nightmare scenario has come true after contract negotiations between the actors guild SAG-AFTRA and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) ended without a deal. Festival publicity teams and programmers are scrambling as big festivals like Venice or Toronto will severely impacted. The strike also impacts the imminent Comic-Con which now won’t see a single actor or writer in attendance to speak on behalf of any new or previous projects.

HBO is once again the leader among Emmy nominations with 127. The premium cable outlet and sibling streamer Max gathered 127 nominations for the 75th Emmy Awards on Wednesday. That’s 13 fewer nominations than the two platforms combined received in 2022. The other streamers stacked up pretty well as nominations continued to roll out on Wednesday. Netflix, has 103 nominations, Apple TV+ finished third with 50 nominations, while Hulu and Amazon’s Prime Video got 42 each, and Disney+ has 40. ** Disney has since corrected the academy website. Disney says Hulu has 64 total nominations rather than 42 as listed by the Academy, with the FX/Hulu shows accounting for the discrepancy.)

HBO’s nominations were heavily concentrated on just a few of their shows. 74 of the nominations — 58 percent of the total came from just three series: Succession (27 nominations), The Last of Us (24) and The White Lotus (23). Fifteen other HBO and Max programs also earned nominations.

You can catch the full announcement and list of nominations HERE.