Nov 15, 2015


Considering so many people are artists or work in a creative field, or just claim to be creative, it’s surprising that people look at other artists with such harsh criticism all the while being offended by subjective and constructive criticisms themselves.

That philosophy can be blanketed across any expressive outlet in life…that being said, the interview done tonight rocked my ego protected small-mindedness. After interviewing Rachel Harris, otherwise known as Playboy’s Miss November, I had an eye-opening experience with my preconceived judgments.

Not only did she attend and graduate from two of California’s prestigious art schools, California College of the Arts and Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, but she sold out her first art show which then lead to Playboy Magazine discovering her… not that she did Playboy and people asked her to paint.

The difficulty she faces has stretched across different media outlets and art forms. When it comes to the modeling world, and how she fit in, she felt that a lot of the time she didn’t quite match the typical stereotype. Often times covered in paint, without her nails being prestigious while not being all dolled up.

p2That is not the image people in the modeling world would think of when looking for a future model. On the opposite side of the spectrum, she works in, the art world would consider her too commercial and beautiful to be taken seriously at face value. “In art school I was considered too put together and it the modeling world I was thought of as a mess,” she explains.

Rachel is very intelligent for dividing her education in the forms of an art degree and fashion illustration degree. Knowing that the Art world is much harder to make it in lead her to choose these different paths. Her first show was May of 2015, which sold out and lead to her discovery by Playboy. Playboy is now moving away from nudity and going to be focusing on creative content that still captures our attention.

The second art show she put on, that took place this month, showcased all of her talents. Psychedelic rock was the theme of this most recent show and it was all that and more. Her Art took the forms of painted and 3D designed canvases with abstract artwork, which she built herself, all the way to cell phone cases and t-shirts designed by her. With rich and vibrate colors and depth, her paintings and their brilliant colors jumped off the walls of this art show. The event had a great turnout and the ambiance of the evening matched the feel of the show with great detail.

For more information or to purchase any of her artwork visit: