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Oct 10, 2013


George Tillman Jr.’s highly anticipated new film, The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete, sheds light on the daily struggles of deprived children within the thought provoking tale. The two young stars of the film Skylan Brooks and Ethon Dizon, portray minority children who must band together to survive the harsh realities of parental neglect.

Skylan Brooks gives a breakthrough and Oscar quality performance as Mister, an intelligent but unmotivated Brooklyn teenager living with his drug addicted mother (played by Jennifer Hudson). When his mom is arrested due to her reckless activities, Mister is left to fend for himself while avoiding social services to maintain living in their apartment. During discovery of premature adulthood, Mister also becomes a big brother to a younger friend in his projects neighborhood, Pete (portrayed by Ethan).

It’s a hot summer in the streets of New York, forcing the two youngsters to hustle for food, avoid incarceration, and find a little joy by playing with a pet hamster in a rolling ball. Jordin Sparks makes an uplifting cameo as an older and supportive friend of Mister’s , whom he attended school with. But the youngsters summer is far from stress free as a local police officer played by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje makes every attempt to see to it that Mister locked away in a juvenile home. His mother’s food stamp card becomes maxed out, and his apartment is robbed by a local trouble-maker.

The films writer Michael Starrbury successfully draws the audience in slowly, showing the harsh realities of Mister and Pete’s lives at such a tender age. Mister hopes that a local audition for young performers will be his key to changing his life for the better, yet he needs an adult to attend the audition. But even with his newly discovered determination to succeed, Mister is in danger of becoming another youth statistic without a support system.

The film is not concerned with depicting the picture perfect life or fairy tale ending, but displays the trust that friends use to create an unconventional family that is supportive despite circumstance. Francis Perdue Sr., publicist & talent manager for PS Media Talent revealed, “Skylan was the best in the movie. He will be the next Will Smith in Hollywood. He is wise, compassionate, and elegant for his age on the big screen.”

This film will be the breakout piece for young Skylan, and is the first of many incredible stories the young actor has the potential to portray on film. The film which also stars Anthony Mackie, Jeffrey Wright and Jennifer Hudson is in theaters NOW!

Watch the trailer here.