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Mar 25, 2019

The Lady Gang Hosts Sold Out Barry’s Bootcamp Class for #MakeMarchMatter Campaign for Children’s Hospital LA & Q+A

Becca Tobin who first hit the scene in Glee is now 1/3 of the lady magic that is The Lady Gang, brought the Make March Matter campaign to Keltie Knight and Jac Vanek’s attention. The Lady Gang jumped on board to help raise funds for Children’s Hospital LA, and set the tone for an impressive sold out Barry’s Bootcamp class this past Sunday, March 24th.

Photo Credit: Children’s Hospital LA

We had a chance to sit down with The Lady Gang before the workout and ask them a few questions. Full of energy and bounce the ladies were ready to conquer the day, bringing some serious B.D.E. to the upcoming workout.

Photo Credit: Children’s Hospital LA

PPLA: How did you all get connected with Barry’s Bootcamp for this charity event?

BT: I did Make March Matter last year at Cycle House with Lea Michele. It was really fun, and such a cool experience, so this time around I thought we should do a Lady Gang event. One of my best friends is the CEO of Barry’s Bootcamp, my husband and I come to Barry’s Bootcamp several times a week, it’s my favorite workout in LA. So, I decided to combine all of my favorite things: Charity, working out at Barry’s and The Lady Gang!

PPLA: And Venice! Thanks for bringing us to the West Side.

BT: And Venice! We chose the best side.

PPLA: How did she propose this to you all?

JV: Listen, anything Becca wants to do were in.

KK: Listen, we don’t want to be like we’ve had blessings on blessings on blessings, but this has really been an incredible year for us. Whenever we get the opportunity to give back, we always try to do something. This seemed like such a no-brainer, of course we wanted to do it. Also Jac hasn’t worked out in three years, so it was also time for her to get a workout in. And the fact that people can donate and all the money goes to charity, plus we all get to hang out with our fans and friends, makes it a no-brainer. There’s no better way to spend a Sunday.

PPLA: Now that your podcast is also a network tv show, how has that been for you? The transition of moving it from a podcast model to a tv model.

KK: The biggest change is we have to wear pants, and put on makeup. But, we’re working with alot of awesome people and alot of our staff is female. Also, the execs at E! are female, you know so it’s cool to work with alot of boss ass bitches, and we’re having a really good time doing it.

PPLA: For Women and Men who check out your show, what is a message you really want to bring to your viewers and listeners?

BT: I think that, at the core of Lady Gang if you’re going to strip away the shallow vapid moments when we’re drunk, it’s to start living a little more unapologetically. All these people want autheticity in Hollywood, and we’re not really seeing it, so we decided to stop talking the talk and start walking the walk. As shamelessly as we are doing it, it’s really our mission to make women feel more normal and talk about things that are a little bit harder to talk about. To rip the band-aid off “that” (hard to talk about subjects).

JV: Even today, I’ve always wanted to try Barry’s Bootcamp, but I’m so scared of making a fool of myself in this class, because I’m not that coordinated and I’m not a great runner. So it’s the fact that we came out today and we’re all going to do it together. Even knowing Becca is going to be the Gold Star, while we’re flailing in the background, but sometimes the scary things in life are a little bit easier when you do them together, snd you don’t have to be alone. So this is a great representation of what we try to do every week on the podcast and the show. Make everyone feel like: “You’re messed up? We’re messed up too, lets all try it together!”

PPLA: People love following you ladies, they love following what you like. So we would like to know, what is your go-to cocktail and brunch spot in LA?

JV: Favorite cocktail Aperol Spritz, because you can drink them all day. They’re the best. Best brunch spot, The Waterfront on the boardwalk here in Venice.

BT: I’ll start with brunch spot. We always go to Barry’s every Saturday morning and then we go to Green Leaf Chop Shop on Abbot Kinney afterwards because they let you also have a Bloody Mary, which is a delicious cocktail, and yeah it’s just like a cool vibe. But I will drink anything, anytime.

KK: If I was to drink I’d have a Margarita, because it gets me up in energy. But for brunch I don’t ever really brunch. A perfect Brunch for me is someone bringing me my coffee in bed. (We relate so hard Keltie!). When I do go to brunch though, it is always The 101 Cafe. It’s basic, but you can get really hearty, and just good food for breakfast.

PPLA: But realistically if you’re there you’re thinking how you could be in bed in your pj’s with your coffee…..

KK: 100% Amen sister.