Nov 3, 2023

The Neverending Loop of Revival TV That Heads Straight For Cancellation

Are original ideas dead? With a slew of TV Revival shows that keep getting the axe, it’s a sure sign that audiences want new stories.

And Just Like That HBO

Looking back on a decade’s worth of revivals, their average life span is three seasons, while their original counterparts averaged eight-year runs. Different from reboots or remakes, a messy endeavor in their own right, a revival features original cast members of long-departed series revisiting characters for whom studios believe there is still an appetite. Viewers aren’t often as hungry as studio brass would like, and so the show fails. One popular character can’t carry a franchise, especially not one that has passed the baton storywise. Paramount+ kicks off October by nixing one revived comedy (iCarly, starring Miranda Cosgrove) and attempting to mount another (Frasier with Kelsey Grammer, which premiered Oct. 12). Should Fraiser just come with a Doomsday clock for it’s axing day? We think so, if the numbers are anything to go by. Culture in the 80’s, 90’s to now are so far apart we don’t understand why studio brass hasn’t caught up that new stories are necessary.