May 6, 2012


Journeying through the elapse of time, space, and reason with The Parlotones can always be an adventure. The Parlotones are a Johannesburg based South African rock band. They have accomplished a multiplatinum selling status in their home country and are looking to do the same stateside. This album just might push them over the edge!

If you’re not already familiar with the band, The Parlotones are known for their anthem style melodies, alternative rock influence, and charged fresh musical content. The band has played alongside Alicia Keys, Shakira, and Coldplay. The release of Journey Through The Shadows is probing to grab the American listener by combining a variety of traditional folk structure with alternative doo-wop melodies, building heavy harmonies.

The band has accumulated a huge fan base in South Africa, Germany, and the UK. Building off of their recognition from playing alongside Coldplay, they are now looking to create a greater presence in the United States with the release of JTTS. This album, Journey Through The Shadows, is their 4th studio album and is scheduled to be released May 8th. It is the bands first album since their first U.S. tour back in 2010. The record goes into the direction of alternative and British pop. Production on tracks like “We Just Want to Be Loved” and “Sweet as a Stolen Kiss” is heavily reminiscent of early 90’s alternative bands like Goo Goo dolls and Weezer.

However, JTTS bears a fresh take in its genre, incorporating cutting edge guitar processing and ear candy. The opening song “Freak Show” and “Sing You to Sleep” give a taste of the dynamic range of Kahn’s voice. “Soul and Body,” is a powerful communicative forward, alternative rock track that could be played on any major US mass radio station. Lyrical themes suggest peace and love, sang skillfully, capable of being quiet at times and modulating to a soaring high such as on “I am Alive” and “Soul and Body.”

The Parlotones give the listener a combination of alternative and arena rock influence combined with their diverse song structures and sonic capabilities. Their strong creative effort to innovate and capture listeners is clearly evident on JTTS. The Parlotones are meant to play in stadiums, and this record may give it that edge to reach the American listener. “Journey Through The Shadows” is set for a May 8th release in the U.S. via Sovereign Entertainment. The Parlotones will embark on a North American tour with starting to play the Roxy on May 17th.