Interviews, Music
Mar 3, 2015


Getting to know a new artist and what makes them tick is the thing that can turn a ‘just a musician’ artist into a superstar.


The awareness someone has in the way they do something, says a lot about them. People who take their time eating, savor their food. People who are deliberate in the way they kiss, often make love the same way. That was the point in interviewing up andcoming R&B artist The Reasn; to find out what makes him tick. This young man has the style, cool and presence of mind to know what it’s like to navigate the harrowing task of becoming someone, but still staying you.

PPLA: What is The Reasn? How did that name come about?

TR: It represents how my life evolved and the person I became. Everything good or bad that happened to me was for a reason to lead me to where I am now and to make me who I am.

PPLA: There is an inherent personality in your lyrics. Is there some of your life being bared in your songs? Is this persona really a facet of you or is just an existential creation behind it?

TR: Everything I write about is something I’ve gone through or observed. My life and my surroundings are the inspiration behind my music. There have been a lot of ups and downs, but my faith and drive have kept me going in the darkest times.

PPLA:  Music has evolved so much because of the long line of crossover artist’s that have come out. Do you have any fears about the crossover game having to be the main thing? Do you think music is just going to turn into a one trick pony because of all the bleed over, like how rap has so many elements of electronica, or how R&B has become pop?

TR: I think pop music these days is a broad term because all the genres have blended together to make up popular music. My own music is influenced by different genres: pop, rock, urban. The music biz tells you to fit into certain formats, but my music crosses over from urban to pop because that’s just inherently me. I give the middle finger to boundaries…they’re meant to be broken!

PPLA: Name five artists dead or alive, that you feel you would have made world changing music with?

TR: The Beatles, Marvin Gaye, Donnie Hathaway, Prince, Kanye

PPLA: What famous artist, past or present, do you think never gets enough credit?

TR: Donnie Hathaway because he’s one of the greatest composers and singers.

PPLA: What is it about the music that makes it so hard not to do?

TR: Music is a part of me…it’s the only option for me…no plan B!

PPLA: What drives your music? What element is it that drives who you are as an artist? Love? Envy? Bravado?

TR: God and my family drive me. I’m driven by the constant need to succeed and have people hear some real honest lyrics based on real experiences.

PPLA: When was the last time doubt has crept into your mind as an artist, and what did you do to combat it?

TR: Every day of my life there’s some type of doubt that creeps into my head, but I pray about it, I get my strength back, and I do it all over again the next day.

PPLA: When do you think The Reasn will become the Answer?

TR: When the whole world knows who I am and I change people’s lives with my music

PPLA: Who is someone that you admire that people would be surprised by?

TR: Jesus Christ!