May 19, 2024

The Streaming Wars Heat Up With Disney+, Hulu And Max Joining Forces For One Price For All

Yes, you read that correctly. Disney+, and their sister company Hulu are teaming up with Max to bring us all the content we actually watch anyways. Could this edge Netflix out of the top spot?

*All logos belong to their perspective companies and platforms

With less than 5% of titles shared across the streaming platforms for Max, Hulu or Disney+, the uniqueness of each catalog is about to draw a heck of alot of viewers to this bundle opportunity. Among this exciting access collaboration of titles are the long time rivals of superhero content Marvel and DC. The collaborative effort if this bundle would put the two major comic-book rivals, Disney’s Marvel and Warner Bros.’ DC, together in a cooperative venture for the first time since they’ve begun to break box office records on opposite ends of the superhero tug of war for audience attendance.

The bundle will be available on both an ad-free and ad-supported basis. In announcing the deal, the two companies asserted that the arrangement would provide consumers with “the greatest collection of entertainment for the best value in streaming.” No details on pricing has been announced just yet. Be sure to check back as we will be keeping tabs and making sure to update you as information comes to light. The lowest priced Max plan is currently $9.99 a month with advertisements. While, Disney+ with Hulu is currently offered with ads for $9.99 a month. Dare we wish for $19.99 for all 3?

What do you think of the news for this powerhouse union of content?