Sep 16, 2022

The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) Has Returned

After going on hiatus due to that world wide ick what won’t be mentioned, The Toronto International Film Festival (Tiff) has returned to in-person screenings and events.


Netflix arrived in Toronto bearing nine productions that the streaming behemoth hoped would shake off a year’s worth of unwelcome headlines. The Jessica Chastain lead thriller The Good Nurse got better-than-expected reviews at TIFF. Next up was Netflix’s The Swimmers, which had a polite if not slightly bored reception (at least compared with previous TIFF openers). Meanwhile, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery led a well deserved standing ovation that made even the staunchest film critics forget they’re supposed to be opposed to the streaming giant’s overtures to cinema. The Daniel Craig-led whodunnit rocked its world-premiere audience, so much so that there were several lines of dialogue drowned out by laughter and applause. Is it possible that Glass Onion’s charm was actually worth the reported $450-million that Netflix spent on securing the rights to director Rian Johnson’s franchise? (Shurgs in streaming tech cash). This movie is absolutely worth the watch.

As TIFF comes to a close you can watch the Jessica Chastain led thriller The Good Nurse on Netflix as of September 11th.

Meanwhile, The Fablemans screening at TIFF might be the absolute best film in this years line up, or of the year -period. The film is subtle in its choices while also filled with surprises, and emotional turns that leave your eyes glued to the screen. Speilberg is a master storyteller and The Fablemans delivers the feeling of freefalling into a movie, the tingle that makes you excited to take a trip out of your home and into the cinema.

Another stand out film from TIFF was Women Talking. The film first debuted at Telluride the week before, it’s Sarah Polley’s latest film and easily her best. A bleak story that easily could have been a mere technical exercise, she imbues so much intelligence and nuance into this dark yet uplifting tale, guiding the ensemble in ways that firmly establish her as a world-class filmmaker of the highest order.

These were our favorite films from this year’s Toronto Internation Film Festival. Let us know your thoughts and what films you’re hoping make the festival circuit this year.