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Jul 20, 2023

The Van Gogh Immersive Experience Is Here

Are you ready for truly amazing visuals? The Van Gogh Immersive Experience does more than share Van Gogh’s art, it transports you into slices of his daily life.

Van Gogh the Immsersive Experience is a dazzling 25,000 square foot exhibit space where the art comes to life around you!┬áIt is an experience like no other for art lovers who want to experience a day in the life of one of the most iconic painters of all time. This curated collection of Vincent Van Gogh’s life and work is about spectacle, relaxation, and accessibility. Once the great master’s works were only available to the upper echelon’s of the upper classes, or those able to travel overseas to enjoy the great art master’s pieces in far away museums. The immersive experience brings you both history and art in the palm of your hands.

During the exhibit we learned so much more about Van Gogh and his life’s tragic end. We also were awed by the incredible Occulus experience that finished up the immersive floor to cieling rooms of his life’s works. The exhibit is now open and you can visit it at: 1345 N. Montebello Boulevard, Montebello, California. Tickets start at $29.90 and go up from there depending on your experience choice. You can purchase your tickets and choose your visit date here.