Jan 5, 2021

“The White Tiger” Now on Netflix

Priyanka Chopra is back onscreen in the page to screen delivery of The White Tiger.

Image Courtesy of Netflix

The White Tiger is a book adaptation revealing the class lines in India. The film is an immersive plunge into the chasm separating the servant class from the rich in contemporary India.Be prepared to follow the drama observations of corruption at the highest and lowest levels of Indian society. The three leads’ magnetic performances and the surprising twists of the story keep you glued to the screen as you scramble to imagine what might happen next. The sting of underclass payback doesn’t rival that of, previous foreign cinema hits like Parasite, but the movie taps into the same simmering rage of the haves and have-nots. The film gives a nuanced look at an unyielding system in a perilously unbalanced world. It could almost be considered the anti-Slumdog Millionaire of Indian cinema.