Mar 2, 2022

Thieves Rob Netflix With $500K Heist From ‘Lupin,’ And ‘The Crown’ Sets

When art imitates life? Unlike their hit show Money Heist, nothing is funny about the 500k lost to the theives who made away with Lupin and The Crown goods.

Image Still: Netflix

Netflix’s robbery was first reported from the northern England-based production for The Crown. Back on February 24th, roughly $200,000 worth of props were reported stolen from the set. In addition to the lifted props, a number of the production’s vehicles were broken into and more than 350 items were reportedly taken as well. As the case further develops just this morning, the set of Lupin was robbed. A Netflix representative confirmed an AFP report that its Paris-based set for Lupin had been held up as well. The news agency reported about 20 thieves with covered faces broke onto the set on Feb. 25, threw fireworks and stole roughly $330,000 worth of equipment. The hit series is, ironically enough, a heist drama that stars Omar Sy as master thief Assane Diop. Sy was reportedly on set at the time of the robbery.

What are your thoughts on all these high profile set robberies? Do you think the thieves will be caught? Let us know your thoughts.