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Oct 31, 2017

Thor: Ragnarok …. Rocks into Theaters This Weekend

Director Taika Waititi spared no punches when creating Thor: Ragnarok. This fast paced, action packed, laugh filled Marvel flick may prove to be Marvel Studios best super hero film yet! With another piece added to the highly anticipated Avengers: Infinity War, Thor is destined to swing home the big bucks and reviews. 

Chris Hemsworth delivers a stunning comedic performance alongside MarkRuffalo, Tom Hiddleson, and the ever epic Cate Blanchett. We never expected to see Cate jump onto the super hero franchise wagon, and she went above and beyond jumping on. Delivering a bone chilling, hilarious, and epic take on Hella the Goddess of death in Norse mythology.


Fans of the franchise will be delighted to see such a lighter tone from the Avengers ( arguably hottest hero if not the strongest) Thor.






Okay we warned you .

Plot Overview:

Thor: Ragnarok opens to Thor trapped in a cage having a philosophical if somewhat comedic conversation with his fellow captive (a skeleton). Dropped into a dark pit with Ragnarok’s prophesied baddie ‘Surtr’ comedy and battle ensue. Last we left off the Asgardian Royals, were under Loki’s rule with their father shipped off to an unknown destiny. Don’t worry this isn’t a plot device for the movie, the writers address the farce rather quickly. Thor comes home to ‘Loki’ as Odin watching a play of Loki and Thor’s battles. Funny enough Chris’ older brother Luke Hemsworth (of WestWorld) plays the part of ‘actor Thor’. Fun insider tid bit. Go on take a closer look at the scene. The jig is up for Loki as he and Thor depart for Earth to fetch their father.

In a twist of events, a meeting between Dr. Strange and Thor ensues. Dropping Loki and Thor on distant cliff’s where their father who wished to remain unfound has been awaiting them. Another Hopkins is perfect as Odin. He warns the brothers of his first born daughter Hella, and the destruction she will create. Odin chooses to fade from this plane of existence to be with his wife, and Hella is unleashed. Enter a badass Cate Blanchett. Beamed up to Asgard in the midst of a fight, both Thor and Loki are thrown from the beam and so….our story begins.


Loki in his typical fashion is set up as a high roller, in favor of the ‘Grand Master’. The lawless thrive on a planet where players fight to the death for glory in a Romanesque style arena. Thor arrives shortly after to both hijinks and battles. Captured and imprisoned by a Valkyrie who sells Thor to the highest bidder, his self doubt clouds his powers. As popularized in the trailer Thor and The Hulk face off. Loki has his moment of vindication (which maybe we enjoyed), and the three are desperate to escape the planet for one reason or another. Meanwhile Hella spends her time stuck in Asgard destroying it’s people. The sword for the bifrost is m.i.a and she isn’t having it. Death and destruction are the name of the game on Asgard, while Thor struggles to get home.


The tables turn, and they are bound to, and Thor escapes with Banner, and the Valkyrie. ( We’re leaving the name out because hey, you have to have some surprises). Loki despite his attempts to sabotage Thor also escapes. Both are bound for Asgard with different purposes in mind. Oh? Where you waiting for the ending? Well you’ll just have to see Thor in theaters you cheeky spoiler reader. Oh and don’t forget to stay for the end credits. Trust us. The Grand Master may or may not be involved. We give Thor: Ragnarok 5 out of 5 stars.