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Mar 11, 2014


Five, Four, Three, Two…TotemLocal Angelenos and travelers from far away: Catch entertainment so far out you’ll forget whether you’re at home or worlds away!

I had the pleasure of witnessing the hot Cirque du Soleil show Totem, under the Big Top at the Santa Monica Pier. I’m still reminding myself it wasn’t all a dream, and having a hard time believing it!images-1

The mystifying show opens with beam-jumping frogs, a beach bum and mega-babe crew of aerialists and cup-catching unicyclists. Not psychedelic enough for you? Try a dark lord-directed contortionist, musical mad scientist and monkey clan or rollerskating lovers who (with the forces of immense momentum) really do stick together, even if she IS swinging from his neck. (You’ve got to see it to believe it.)

This show is one that cannot be missed. It is unimaginable what these world-class performers are going to impress you with, but I can promise that you’ll be bouncing off the walls when they do. Or- you could always back-flip off bendable balance beams like the acrobats would so choose.

cirqueDuSoleilTotemTotem is traveling all over the nation but is only accessible for shows under Santa Monica Pier’s Big Top until March 16, 2014. Wait no longer! Snatch your seat at the year’s most enthralling show of jaw-dropping talent and heart-stopping tricks, now! For tickets visit Cirque Du Soleil, Totem.