Mar 1, 2021

TikTok Stars Dixie, Marc, Heidi and Charli D’Amelio Support #OneHeartHandoff and Triller to Celebrate Frontline Workers


Social media superstars Dixie, Marc, Heidi and Charli D’Amelio rallied together around the massive global #OneHeartHandoff trend to celebrate fearless frontline workers and commemorate the many lives lost in the fight against COVID-19.

Today, viral entertainment platform, Triller, and The One Heart Movement, founded by TV host, humanitarian and former Miss Philippines International Krista Kleiner, announce the successful launch of the #OneHeartHandoff Challenge – a viral movement rallying Community Love and global support of healthcare heroes, specifically those who’ve been impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

The kickoff took place on Valentine’s Day and continues to spread. The global movement has brought together people and communities across 12 countries, including the U.S., Philippines, U.K., Brazil, Japan, France, Belarus and Mexico to name a few. Top influencers involved in the movement, thus far, include Dixie and Charli D’Amelio, their parents Marc and Heidi, as well as Dr. Tess Mauricio, Teala Dunn, Ashley Nocera, Mr. Hotspot, Rufa Mae Quinto, Mia Mugavero, Andr3x, Bailey Muñoz, the Neffati Brothers and the Philippine All Stars.

“Our world needs love now more than ever,” said Krista Kleiner, founder of The One Heart Movement.  “I’m grateful to Triller and the many people who helped us create such a powerful global impact.  It’s been deeply fulfilling to spread love and pronounce our endless gratitude for those who are fighting for us.”

The One Heart Movement is committed to building awareness with a unified message of hope that if we all come together, we’ll become more effective at overcoming both our current and future challenges.  This year, the Organization’s focus is to support healthcare heroes and the families of healthcare workers we have lost in the battle against Covid-19.  In a special collaboration with Triller, The One Heart Movement created a massive social media campaign enlisting people from around the world to contribute to the impactful campaign.

“We’re thrilled to participate in such a meaningful movement that touches every corner of the world. COVID-19 has affected each of us- no matter where we live – and Triller is proud to partner with an organization working to honor our healthcare heroes,” said Bobby Sarnevesht, Executive Chairman of Triller. “The One Heart Movement’s mission is important, and our users couldn’t be more thankful that they played a role in spreading this viral message of community love.”

Phil Tayag, choreographer and lead dancer for recording artist Bruno Mars, joined the organization and worked with Krista to create a kickoff video to light the world up with love. These efforts were supported by his new global community of dancers called TRYBE.

The One Heart Movement and Triller encourage people worldwide to continue posting videos on social media with this message of unity by starting and ending their videos with the universal symbol of love — two hands drawn together in the shape of a heart, using #onehearthandoff and tagging @theoneheartmovement.