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Mar 11, 2019

Tiny Meat Gang Heads to Los Angeles

Vine stars turn comedians, Cody Ko and Noel Miller are heading to Los Angeles to perform a live show of their podcast; TMG (Tiny Meat Gang). TMG will be cracking jokes and answering the audience’s questions during the second leg of their tour!

We got to chat with the guys at their Boston show earlier this month. Noel shared how the two first met, “We used to work together as engineers. He (Cody Ko) was an iOS developer and I was also a developer there, we ended up sitting across from each other. We kind of knew each other from Vine before then.”

The night consisted of a live reaction and comedic review of a never before seen video that left the crowd in tears. The show reflected stand up comedy and can be comparable to the Cody Ko and Noel Miller “That’s Cringe” YouTube series. The show ended with an interactive Q&A session, where they answered a majority of the crowd’s questions as well as roasted volunteered audience members.

Noel shared his aspirations for the future of the TMG podcast “We hope to keep evolving it, slowly bring more music into it, and continuing having fun.” Cody gave us a sneak peak on what’s to come from both his and Noel’s careers, “We are going to start working on our next project right after this tour is done. We are trying to do more stand up and have another tour at the end of this year.” Don’t worry TMG fans, the two plan on continuously evolving their careers together. Noel candidly said, “We do alright separately but we do really well together.”

For more information and tickets for the TMG Tour head over to their website

*Photos courtesy of Eden Shohat


Mary Malloy