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Dec 23, 2012


As the end of the year approaches and a few buzzed about films open Christmas week just under the wire- Les MiserablesDjango UnchainedZero Dark Thirty– PPLA decided to look back on our favorite movies these last twelve months.

While awards season is sure to award a very different list with an array of tiny statues, we wanted to simply give credit where credit is due to the films that made us laugh, cry, and even cringe this year!

10.) Ted – It was an amazing rated R comedy that was able to push the limits of decency and crassness while never losing its sense of humor, even having a touching moment toward the end.

9.) Moonrise Kingdom – What happens when a love story is no longer bound by limiting confinements of age of characters or even a completely understandable plot structure. Great acting and a few great versions of classic songs are enough to make this a must see

8.) The Dark Knight Rises – The weakest entry into Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy created a definitive conclusion of the story of Bruce Wayne.

7.) Chronicle – Perhaps the greatest POV film of all time, this science fiction is short on runtime, but is an otherwise amazing feature whose climactic finish will create a strong emotional reaction. It takes the time to create empathy for the characters making the inevitable character turn all the more dramatic.

6.) American Reunion – The opus quality completion of the story of five friends from high school and their near constant battle with the challenges of every day life and growing up. It left audiences in stitches and cemented all of the characters as symbols of American culture

5.) The Avengers – Four years in the making, this takes some of the biggest names in the Marvel Universe, puts them against some of the most imposing villains and just see what happens; you get one of the most action packed yet still comical films of the year.

4.) Les Miserables – Taking a unique approach to adapting a play to a movie, the strong casting actually singing the song live, does a great job of conveying the emotional weight of the scene through the music. And Anne Hathaway has done more than enough to earn the nod for actress of the year.

3.) The Sessions – The film took a lot of chances; however, the source material made for a a great tale of love and sex without restrictions while still maintaining the dignity of the characters and never being crass or inappropriate.

2.) Lincoln – Some of the best acting of our time with a story that promises to elicit an emotional reaction. Even with the heavy impact of the subject matter, the movie doesn’t shy away from comical moments through brilliant writing and expert timing. The only hindrance to this film is its jarring and unnecessary ending.

1.) Perks of Being a Wallflower – An emotionally charged story, sympathetic characters, a wonderful sense of humor, and brilliant pacing make this film both amazing and intelligent. The casting is genius and the music accompanies the plot perfectly.

Honorable Mentions: LooperCloud AtlasArgoSinister, Mission Impossible: Ghost RecallSkyfall21 Jump Street,Expendables 2