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Jul 27, 2017

Top Film Trailers of SDCC 2017

Here is our official round up of the best trailers we caught this weekend from San Diego’s Comic Con. no need to hunt them down individually we’ve gone ahead and done all the foot work for you. Titles, and release dates attached. You’re welcome. 


Will Smith delivers what looks like a promising film with ‘Bright’. Popping into your Netflix queue this December 22, 2017.



Guillermo De Toro delivers another sci-fi anime-esque epic teaser for ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’. We’re ready 2018


Steven Spielberg is back and bigger than ever. With another sci-fi epic we can’t wait to see The Oasis. 2018



Nightmares; Pennywise is back. Stephen King is never far from terrifying your imagination. Will you dive into ‘IT’ ?

We hope you’re on our level because after ‘Lego Batman’ theres no doubt the ‘Lego Franchise’ is fire. Sept.22.17

Looking forward to ‘Kingsman 2’ September 22, 2017

This looks awesome. What do you think of ‘The Shape of Water’ premieres December 8, 2017.

Of course we’re over the moon for Justice League and Thor…but they’re soo cool they got their own post. Make sure to check them out here: Juggernaut Face Off