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Jul 27, 2017

Top TV Trailers Of SDCC 2017

Well, we’ve got the whole DC TV line up for you roaring to go, Marvel, Stranger Things, and a few others. Who were you most excited to see?


Outlander fans were surprised with more than just a trailer, panel attendees actually saw the first episode of Season 3. Jealous?

Stranger Things is back…and not everything was really put away was it?


Fox debuts ‘The Gifted’ we are SO in. Like SO in.


WestWorld….Yes. Take us back.





Super Girl

Black Lighting

Legends of Tomorrow




Marvel’s Inhumans


Marvel + Netflix present: The Defenders:

What other shows are you looking forward to? Midnight in Texas has already premiered…or we would’ve included it as well. If you don’t know, it’s Charlaine Harris’ new show. Yeah, the writer behind True Blood.