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Feb 27, 2019

Topher Grace out Star Wars Fans…the Most Hard Core of Star Wars Fans

Did you know Topher Grace was such an epic Star Wars fan? How did we miss this. Are you wondering what we’re talking about? Come jump on this nerd train with us.

Topher Grace is a Star Wars fan champion! He cut all of the Star Wars movies down into one singular five minute trailer edit. What!? And it’s awesome!! Who says dreams can’t come true? This is a dream we didn’t even know we wanted. But we want it! Oh yeah we want it, and we love it. Now this may seem like a mess, but it isn’t we swear. This our fellow Star Wars fans will go down in history as the Holy Grail of fan overtures to the franchise. It is so good, too good. It has made us realize if Topher ever wants to have a career as an editor…he already has a solid undertaking beneath his wings.

After watching this trailer if you can’t get enough of that, Topher has also recut The Hobbit trilogy into one singular two hour film. You’re welcome.