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Oct 10, 2023

Trailer Tuesday: ‘All The Light We Cannot See’

Coming to Netflix, November 2nd, 2023. From Director Shawn Levy, All the Light We Cannot See, stars Louis Hofmann, Lars Eidinger, Marion Bailey, with Hugh Laurie and Mark Ruffalo. And introducing newcomer Aria Mia Loberti.

Image Still: Netflix

Based on the Pulitzer Prize winning novel, All the Light We Cannot See tells the story of Marie-Laure Leblanc (Aria Mia Loberti), a blind French girl taking refuge with her father and reclusive uncle in St. Malo, France and Werner (Louis Hofmann), a brilliant teenager enlisted by hitler’s regime with an expertise in radio repair. Together they share a secret connection that will become a beacon of light that leads them through the harrowing backdrop of WWII.

If you’re as excited and emotional to watch this film as we are, you can grab the book in advance here.