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Dec 3, 2019

Trailer Tuesday: Black Widow

Finally after years of fandom uproar, Black Widow is getting her solo film! Brava to Scarlett Johansson who looks spectacular in the trailer.

Film Still Courtesy of Marvel Studios

We’ve all seen Avengers: End Game, therefore we can only assume this film takes place before the events of the film. Perhaps it will explain why she was so sure, and at peace with her decision. The Marvel universe has opened up such a plethora of incredible storytelling. We can’t wait to see what this storyline unfolds, and all the jam packed action the trailer is promising us! Who do you think from the Marvel extended universe will be making an appearance? We’d love for Bruce Banner to make an appearance, but at the same time we don’t. It would be nice to see Black Widow keep it a family affair. What is she chasing down? Marvel seems to have set it’s cap with Black Widow as an epic action-thriller. What are your thoughts on this first epic teaser trailer? We’re all ears! (See what we did there)