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Oct 15, 2019

Trailer Tuesday: Bombshell

Bombshell is a fictional tale about ….wait is it fictional? The trailer’s plotline seems more real that Fox News’ daily rants. Charlize Theron, Margot Robbie, and Nicole Kidman are fire in the trailer.

Image Still Courtesy of Lionsgate

Bombshell is one movie we are on the edge of our seats to watch! We’re already ready to throw these talented actresses all the awards. Just chuck them at them right across the stage for good measure. If you’re curious about the plot of the film, don’t worry we’ve got the complete synopsis coming right up for you. Bombshell is based on the real scandal that rocked Fox News. Bombshell the film, is a revealing look inside the most powerful and controversial media empire of all time; Fox News, and the explosive story of the women who brought down the infamous man who created it. Directed by Emmy Award winner Jay Roach and written by Academy Award winner Charles Randolph, and the producers of The Big Short, Bombshell is sure to leave us shook this winter.