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Mar 17, 2020

Trailer Tuesday: Cinema Bound Films Now Available on OnDemand

With COVID-19 keeping us in quarantine many films which were due to have a cinematic run in theaters are now available OnDemand. This is the current list we have compiled for you all so far.

One of our favorite films recently was The Invisible Man directed by Leigh Whannell. Instead of missing out your chance to view the film in theaters Blumhouse has made it availbe for rent. For $19.99 you can find it OnDemand and rent it for a 48 hour period. Way cheaper than going to the movies! Here is the trailer if you haven’t seen it yet. We give this horror/thriller five stars. (you’ll find it is also the featured video above)

Catch Jane Austen’s head turning, brilliant scheming protagonist Emma OnDemand as well. Emma is also being offered for 19.99 with a 48 hour rental period. Emma is from Focus Features, and we’re thrilled to dive into a bit of historical comedy. Whose coming along on this ride with us?

Let things get dark and rent The Hunt. Hunting humans for sport? Chilling and yet we’re riveted.

Also, with everything being closed you can expect Trolls: World Tour to hit OnDemand the same day it hits theaters on April 10th. If we’re still quarantined or you are still feeling unsure about going out, no worries because Universal is keeping us entertained through the isolation. Check out the trailer below.