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Aug 18, 2020

Trailer Tuesday: Cuties

Netflix has just released a first look at the international film Cuties. The official trailer debuts today and we’re looking forward to seeing this story unfold.

Image Still Courtesy of Netflix

Dance is a transformative art, it has doubtlessly changed the lives of millions around the world. Cuties strives to take us inside the life of young Amy whose an immigrant child in France, and her experience of straddling life as a French girl, as well as a Senegalese girl. Dance and the girls who practice it come into her life to change it forever. It’s a young coming of age tale. While we despair at an eleven year old girl being told she’s a “woman” it is also interesting to see how many have to grow up faster due to their circumstances. What will Amy’s journey be? Find out September 9th.

The official synopsis of the film follows as; eleven-year-old Amy lives with her mom, Mariam, and younger brother, awaiting her father to rejoin the family from Senegal. Amy is fascinated by disobedient neighbor Angelica’s free-spirited dance clique, a group that stands in sharp contrast to stoic Mariam’s deeply held traditional values. Undeterred by the girls’ initial brutal dismissal and eager to escape her family’s simmering dysfunction, Amy, through an ignited awareness of her burgeoning femininity, propels the group to enthusiastically embrace an increasingly sensual dance routine, sparking the girls’ hope to twerk their way to stardom at a local dance contest.