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Jun 11, 2019

Trailer Tuesday: Frozen 2

Frozen swept the world when it premiered, and now your favorite sisters are back for Frozen 2. Disney released the full length trailer today!

You were probably juuuuust getting “Let it go” out of your relentless hamster wheel of a music brain. Well, Disney factored that in…which is why Frozen 2 premieres this November! It looks like this time we will get to see more of Elsa ( Idina Menzel) and Anna ( Kristen Bell) working together as a team. Not to mention, it seems Queen Elsa will have more of an adventure than locking herself up in an ice castle. From the looks of the trailer, it seems we’re going to learn about more elemental magic in Frozen 2. Which also excites us, maybe Princess Anna will gain a power to save her sister? Okay, okay we’re projecting here. But hey let us have hopes. The entire cast and crew from the first film are back. Unlike Disney’s direct to dvd sequel’s this one looks like a heavy hitter. It might (dare we say it) match the original in storytelling, if not surpass it.