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Feb 19, 2019

Trailer Tuesday: Frozen 2

Frozen is freezing the internet. See what we did there? Disney’s big hit Frozen is back in a big way!

Frozen 2’s teaser dropped and became Disney’s most watched teaser trailer for an animated film in their entire movie history within hours. Our favorite sisters Elsa and Anna are back in another magical filled adventure. As we can see from the trailer theres a new mysterious little girl. Perhaps these royal siblings are out to save her? Or could she be saving them? Elsa is working her ice magic on some pretty big ocean waves to escape? Or perhaps to help the little girl? Also: OLAF! Looks like he made it to autumn! We have so many questions. But either way, you know we can’t wait until this hits the big screens. We’re expecting big things from the team whose come back together to bring us Frozen 2. Let us know what you think of this first trailer!