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Jul 2, 2019

Trailer Tuesday: Knives Out

Director Rian Johnson is back with his latest movie, Knives Out.

The Knives Out trailer packs a punch with an incredible all A-list cast, a murder mystery thriller joy ride. The trailer which runs at just over two minutes gives us an intriguing look into a world of lies and deceit. We can’t wait to catch this film in theaters. Despite Rian’s last work on Star Wars, which was not his best, we are looking forward to Knives Out.

The thing with Star Wars is, clearly Rian wasn’t the man for the job, he didn’t understand the world, and his point of view took away from the Skywalker story. We hope that with his future movies in parting with long standing franchises he isn’t particularly in love with, we will be able to enjoy better storytelling. Directing, like acting can be hit and miss dependent on the subject matter. Don’t ice Rian out if thats been on your mind. This trailer and the cast look promising. Lets go along a murder myster ride with Rian’s latest project. Let us know your thoughts.