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Sep 11, 2018

Trailer Tuesday: Outlander

While we normally bring you movie trailers we can’t wait to see, Outlander deserves its moment in the spotlight. Based on Diana Gabaldon’s epic series, its fourth season set to debut this November looks magical.¬†

Jamie and Claire have been through it all, with time travel the least of their adventures. After setting sail across the sea last season to save Jamie’s nephew, the Frasers are now bound of Colonial America. We can’t wait to see the twists and turns they will face in the colonies. Their daughter Briana has had a minimal storyline thus far, but we’re hoping this season will be turning things around for her character development.

Outlander S4, Image IDs: GettyImages

Outlander has been a faithful and beautifully adapted series. These are the types of Page to Screen series we love to see! If you can’t wait be sure to pick up a copy of the books here,¬†starting with Outlander. Tune in November 4th on Starz! for the season premiere.